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AICPE Awarded for Pioneer in Skill Development Education

Mumbai : At a prestigious ceremony held at Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai, AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. was honored with the prestigious “India’s Top Brand 2024” award for being a Pioneer in Skill Development Education. The award, presented by Bollywood actress and celebrity chef Amruta Raichand, recognizes AICPE’s innovative approach and significant contributions to the field of education in India.


Directors – Sharad Taori, Kavita Taori, and Manager – Shruti Ramteke from AICPE graciously accepted the award, which highlights their organization’s dedication to creating impactful educational opportunities. Sharad Taori, addressing the gathering, stated, “This recognition reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence and our commitment to empowering the youth with the skills needed to excel in the evolving global marketplace.”


The award ceremony was part of a larger event hosted by WBR Corp, a renowned consulting and research firm known for its prestigious awards and summits across Asia and Europe. The event also recognized leaders across various sectors, including hospitality, business, and social impact initiatives, showcasing a spectrum of excellence across industries.


Kavita Taori, during her acceptance speech, emphasized the impact of their work, “Receiving India’s Top Brand award is not just an accolade for our team but a confirmation that the path we have chosen in skill development is transforming lives. We are inspired to push further and reach new heights.”


The recognition of AICPE Educational Services Pvt. Ltd. alongside notable awardees such as The Grand Legacy Resort and Spa, EROCON, and Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, underscores the importance of education in national development and the private sector’s role in advancing educational standards.


The ceremony ended on a high note with guests and awardees discussing potential collaborations and the future of education and skill development in India. AICPE continues to lead as a beacon of educational innovation and excellence.

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