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Dr. Pankaj Jindal successfully achieves landmark of 30 thousand complex surgeries.

Pune   The hand is an extremely important limb of a human being. If the hand has a deformity or suffers a serious injury in an accident then the affected person has to face a number of problems. It was because of this that I chose to develop expertise in hand surgery after obtaining a degree in orthopedics. Today I am happy that I have been able to give a new life to successfully treat thousands of patients in my medical practice of the last 30-35 years. While offering the service, I have also tried to get help from benevolent people to help needy and poor people benefit from state-of-the-art treatment,” said Pune’s renowned hand surgeon Dr. Pankaj Jindal.

Speaking on the occasion of reaching the landmark of 30 thousand successful hand surgeries, Dr. Jindal said, “Being in the medical services field is an inheritance I have received from my family. Therefore, I chose to get into this field. After completing my degree of orthopedic surgery, I took further studies in France and Switzerland. Later, I went to America and developed fine expertise in hand surgery. I was fortunate to get excellent teachers during my learning years in India as well as in Europe and America.”

Dr. Jindal said he returned to India after getting higher education and vast experience. He has treated a number of patients in whose case a hand surgery was considered impossible. He has treated many patients whose hand or finger was cut or elbow was broken. The patients whom Dr. Jindal treated are today successfully engaged in their education or career. 

“Often the people that come to me for hand surgery and laborers or from the economically weak section. They lack the money necessary for treatment and medicines. I have engaged social organizations such as Rotary International, Lions’ Club, Agrawal Club, Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal Foundation or other benevolent people for financial help so that such patients can undergo hand surgery and get the necessary treatment.” 

“In my 30 years of medical service I have successfully treated 30 thousand patients. These include patients who had suffered fracture or serious injury to their hands, paralysed people, people with physical deformity, joint pain, pain in the hand or other physical problems. I am making my own contribution to take forward the concept of Swasth Bharat, propounded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.” 

“Today, patients come to me from various places in India and overseas and return as cured persons. I hold medical camps in urban as well as rural centers in India to create awareness about hand related health problems. In such camps I undertake primary examination of patients and then give them modern treatment in hospital if needed,” Dr. Jindal said.

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