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“Manjummel Boys” surpasses 175 crore to become the highest grossing Malayalam film globally!

<p>“Manjummel Boys,” the most recent Malayalam film, has become the top-grossing film in the business globally. After 21 days at the box office, the movie has already made over Rs 175 crore in global receipts.</p>
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<p>The film’s creators have now published a statement stating that “Manjummel Boys” is now Mollywood’s greatest box office hit.</p>
<p>The crew said, “The Highest World Wide Grosser From the Malayalam Film Industry!!!” in an Instagram message. I’m grateful for everyone’s affection.<br />
“Manjummel Boys,” directed by Chidambaram, is based on a true story about a group of kids who travel on vacation and discover something unexpected. The main actors in the movie are Lal Jr., Ganapathi S. Poduval, Balu Varghese, Sreenath Bhasi, and Soubin Shahir.<br />
Director Chidambaram also wrote, “Thank you all,” in a statement of appreciation.</p>
<p>The survival thriller “Manjummel Boys” debuted on large screens on February 22. The fact that the movie became the largest hit in Mollywood without any celebrities is noteworthy and emphasizes the idea that high-quality films will always find a way to appeal to viewers.</p>
<p>With a score of four out of five, our reviewer said that Manjummel Boys is more than just your typical buddy movie—it’s filled with survival elements. This is it if you’re searching for a well-made survival movie. It’s a visual masterpiece with outstanding writing, characters, editing, acting, and excitement throughout. Writer and director Chidambaram has done an amazing job, from skillfully creating the practically decades-old setting to portraying the people and their responses to the events with sincerity and a fluid narrative flow.</p>

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