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‘Repeat’ herself in movies? Katrina Kaif says no. “I Feel Like I’m Bored With Myself”

<p>One of the greatest stars in Bollywood right now is Katrina Kaif. Her admirers like her for her candor as much as her skill. She recently said that she only signs movies when she can contribute anything and doesn’t sign them again.</p>
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<p>“I want to portray myself in a new way,” Katrina Kaif said in an interview with Mid-Day. That’s because, in certain situations, I get tired of being the same old me, so I want to stop repeating myself too often. I’m very certain that the audience will feel bored if I’m bored with myself. They will see my repetitiveness if it is present.</p>
<p>“That’s the instinct that I try to follow,” she said. It comes from being sincere and truthful to myself, not from attempting to foresee the future. I ask myself, “Am I feeling joy in this moment?” in certain places. Do I feel alive in this place? Is there anything I can contribute here? Something fresh to offer the movie in that area as well as something fresh to offer myself as an experience.</p>
<p>In a sense, we are in a transitional phase right now. meaning that, with time, we must all adapt and change. I’m not the same 19-year-old who entered the movie business,” she said.</p>
<p>She claimed to be happy with the Tiger franchise. Katrina Kaif expressed her enthusiasm for action movies, particularly those that focus on women. She went on to say that Zoya’s past gave her character an intriguing new depth.</p>
<p>After its release, Katrina Kaif’s Tiger 3 became an enormous blockbuster. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif played Zoya and Tiger in the movie for the third time, respectively. In addition, Katrina starred with Vijay Sethupathi in Merry Christmas. Awards were given for Katrina’s performance in the movie. This month, the suspense film will be available on Netflix.</p>

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