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Over 22 million pieces of offensive content were taken down from Instagram and Facebook in India

<p>According to Meta, it removed more than 17.8 million offensive items from Facebook across 13 rules and more than 4.8 million offensive items from Instagram across 12 policies in India in January.</p>
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<p>Through the Indian grievance process, Facebook received 29,548 complaints in January. According to the company, in 21,060 of those instances, it offered users tools to help them address their difficulties.</p>
<p>According to Meta’s monthly report, in accordance with the IT (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, these include pre-established channels to report content for specific violations, self-remediation flows where they can download their data, avenues to address account hacked issues, etc.</p>
<p>“We analyzed material in accordance with our principles for the remaining 8,488 reports where specialized assessment was required, and we resolved 4,632 complaints in total. Meta said, “The remaining 3,856 concerns were evaluated, but they may not have been addressed.</p>
<p>Through the Indian grievance procedure, the corporation received 19,311 complaints about Instagram.</p>
<p>It said, “Of these, we gave users tools to solve their problems in 9,476 cases.”</p>
<p>Meta examined the substance of the remaining 9,835 reports that required specialized assessment, and it addressed 4,849 concerns in total.</p>
<p>The evaluation of the 4,986 remaining reports may not have resulted in any action being taken.</p>
<p>Large digital and social media platforms with over 5 million users are required under the new IT Rules 2021 to provide monthly compliance reports.</p>
<p>“We track the quantity of material (posts, images, videos, or comments) that violates our rules and for which we take action. Removing a piece of material from Facebook or Instagram or alerting viewers about potentially upsetting images or videos are just a few examples of what may be done, according to Meta.</p>
<p>Over 19.8 million pieces of material across 13 Facebook rules and over 6.2 million pieces of content across 12 Instagram regulations were removed by Meta in December 2023.</p>

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