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Google restores 10 delisted apps after Centre talks tough

<p>Google now took down ten applications that were involved in e-commerce from the Play Store, which infuriated the Center. By Saturday afternoon, the applications were back online.</p>
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<p>This may not be the end of the spat between the Internet behemoth and app developers over Google’s earnings.</p>
<p>Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Union Minister for Electronics and IT, said that Google and the impacted companies have been invited to a meeting next week. “Such measures by Google cannot be permitted,” he said. “The startup ecosystem is crucial to the Indian economy and its fate cannot be left to any big tech to decide,” said the minister.</p>
<p>Google, for its part, withdrew the ten applications, claiming that they didn’t follow its payment regulations. Due to what they see as Google’s “unfair” practices, the internet giant and Indian app developers got into a disagreement over the move.,, 99acres, and Bharat Matrimony were among the affected applications.</p>
<p>Following its announcement that it will enforce its payment policy and remove applications from developers who do not comply, Google took the necessary measures. Google emphasized that over 2 lakh developers were adhering to its billing procedures, while only 10 developers out of the many developers utilizing Google Play had opted not to pay for the services.</p>
<p> founder Anupam Mittal wrote on X, saying, “Today is a dark day for India’s Internet.” Major applications have been removed from Google’s app store despite ongoing legal proceedings. The #Lagaan movement has to end, and this is the new Digital East India Co. “Lagaan” is the term used by the British to tax the people.</p>
<p>One important channel for app creators to reach a large audience is Google’s Play Store. However, the commission price charged for listing applications on the Play Store has been a source of contention between Google and developers worldwide for years.</p>
<p>The Competition Commission of India ordered Google to enable developers to use other payment methods instead of forcing them to utilize the Google Play billing system after developers in India protested to the company’s rules. Google launched the user-choice billing system, which offers many ways to pay but charges a fee for in-app purchases. Although Google introduced a user-choice paying structure, developers and entrepreneurs contend that their margins are still greatly impacted by the commission cost.</p>

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