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Paying double Beyoncé’s cost, Rihanna received backlash for her “lazy-lackluster” performance at the Indian billionaire’s wedding

<p>Rihanna is still producing songs! When RiRi announced her temporary retirement in 2019, her fans were ecstatic to see her return. The son of Asia’s wealthiest man hosted the R&B artist for his pre-wedding celebrations in India recently, and she gave a 40-minute spectacular performance. But even though she received a hefty payment for her attendance, when footage of the performance went public, people on the internet went crazy over what many saw as her meek performance.</p>
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<p>Rihanna receives criticism for her meek participation in an Indian wedding ceremony.</p>
<p>The vocalist of Wild Things landed in Jamnagar, India, one day ahead of her gig. Her 12-foot-tall baggage, which went viral right away, accompanied her. The Grammy Award-winning performers performed on Friday night at the billionaire Anant Ambani and his fiancée, Radhika Merchant,’s pre-wedding event. She is now being criticized, meanwhile, for what some have called a “lackluster” and “boring” performance. Attendees and fans alike have expressed passionate dispute and displeasure over the pop star’s performance, which apparently came with a high price tag twice that of Beyoncé’s charge for a similar event a few years ago.</p>
<p>When Rihanna performed in India, she was paid twice as much (8–9 million USD) as Beyonce. went home after her shabby performance with a large cash and a business contract. A person named X said, “We should investigate this lady more since the recordings of her performance gained popularity on social media.</p>
<p>The amount that Rihanna was paid to perform at Anant Ambani’s wedding<br />
Some Indian news sources claim that Queen RiRi was paid a substantial sum of about $6.3 million for her appearance at the wedding, however, this has not been verified. With the exception of a short 15-minute cameo at the 2023 Super Bowl, when she revealed she was expecting her second child, the 36-year-old singer from Barbados has been mainly absent from the music industry in recent years.</p>
<p>In 2021, Forbes dubbed the Rude Boy vocalist the “richest female musician,” and she was officially crowned a billionaire. After her Jamnagar show, she hurried to catch a flight back home. She engaged with photographers and police officers at the airport, perhaps winning some hearts, but views were still split at what seemed to be a lack of effort.</p>
<p>Another person said, “Rihanna is such a lazy performer.” Many said that Rihanna was always like way and that this wasn’t the first time she had been careless on stage, saying things like, “I think people forgot Rihanna used to be so lazy on stage lol.” Excuse me, but what kind of skill does Rihanna possess? Taylor is much more talented than Rih’s clumsy efforts in terms of writing, voice control, and stage presence. Not even debatable: “Rihanna’s music career was negatively impacted by ASAP Rocky when she was with Drake; she has never been so careless on stage—what the fuck is that? 0 effort.”</p>

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